While using the missiles, there should be some defense weaponry. Some of them are helmets, shield, and body armors. Apart from these, ax, spear, javelin, sling, sword and bow come under the category of offensive weaponry. In olden days, they use some basic types of transportation using animals and other vehicles. Usually, they use horses, elephants and another type of chariot. Mechanical artillerymore

In the field of the defense industry, there are times they constantly strive to grow and step up by spreading their wings even above sea level. Many countries always try to sign multipurpose destroyers, missile destroyers, and other ballistic submarines from other leading countries. Most of th e countries desire to come with new ideas in the field of wheeled armored fighting vehicles, self-propellmore

A new optics should have its design for barrels with a different view and along with country requirement fulfillment. Some of the challenging warfare equipment in the field is landscape, skeet shotguns, hunting rifles and many more. A terminal high altitude defense system has a way to encounter ballistic missiles and give a warning to missiles that are nearer to the field. There are many advancememore

The markets news implements the latest technology in the field of warfare and these technology are specifically designed to handle missile command, drones, fighting against terrorism etc and the weapon range, structures, equipments and vehicles are not accessible to common civilians as it requires a military training without which handling the technology can prove quite dangerous. Even in world wamore

Now let us see the main five categories of military defense technology. They are offensive arms, defensive weapons, transportation technology, communication technology, sensor technology. Mainly the offensive has the capability to destroy the enemy troop and defensive is used to give offensive blows. The transport technology is obviously for transporting the soldiers and weapons from one place to more

The defense industry constantly strives to grow and now it has started taking its wings on the rough seas. The prominent contracts has been signed by m any leading countries to receive multipurpose destroyers, missile destroyers and ballistic submarines. The countries like to come up with new wheeled armoured fighting vehicles, self propelled artilleries, multipurpose destroyers and maritime self more