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Back in the SUV, BGen Rayburn had gotten silent immediately after I sang the praises of Colonel Catton. I wondered if I had offended him. I had no regrets because it is not usually that you get a chance as an enlisted man to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with a general officer. Suddenly, the base radio crackled and a voice came on to brief the general on the power failure status. The upcoming tmore

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The principle of human security is huge and huge, thus basically includes the safety no matter of whatever the people from various threats and problems like disease, starvation, repression very well as other related disruptions to human life. But over the years, the basic idea that has been expanded and still have included food security, environmental security collectively with the defense of womemore

The Check This Out implements the latest technology in the field of warfare and these technology are specifically designed to handle missile command, drones, fighting against terrorism etc and the weapon range, structures, equipments and vehicles are not accessible to common civilians as it requires a military training without which handling the technology can prove quite dangerous. Even in world more

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